We Specialize in Training Hunting Dogs for Hunting, Hunt Tests & Field Trials
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We have 24 Hour Satellite Surveillance Cameras Monitoring Throughout
the property to ensure your dogs Safety & Security.

"Obedience is the key to any great hunting labrador retriever or companion and therefore it is extremely important for both highly trained duck dogs as well as playful companions to start off on the right foot. In order to have a labrador retriever that everyone wants to be around, you must start with obedience. An obedient retriever is also the foundation for all other training and is the #1 most important step in having a superior, well loved companion or an honorable working retriever.

It is important to remember that all labrador retrievers mature and learn at different levels and speeds therefore training time can vary depending on your retrievers natural instinct and ability. However, we encourage you to be part of your dogs training by making regular visits to see his or her progress along with being a part of his or her training. There is no charge for you to come out and be a part of our day sessions. Come prepared for bad weather, mud, high weeds and other in climate weather. We will allow you to shoot or throw birds for a while, watch from the line some, and work your dog into the rotation with the rest of the dogs. Our trainers will observe you and your dogs handling, help with questions and make suggestions. Call a day or two in advance to schedule your fun day.

Are you not within driving distance to Elgin Texas but would like us to train?
Shipping your dog to us is extremely easy to do and we receive dogs all the time by way of air cargo. It's safe, easy and costs about $175.00 on average. We can put you in touch with a direct sales person who will do everything for you. all you have to do is deliver your pet to the airport. Contact us and we will handle everything....

Handling Fees for Field Trials and Hunt Tests...
If you want your dog(s) titled as a Master Hunter etc.,
we charge $90.00 per day for Field Trial or Hunt Test runs.
Watching us run these events is also extremely helpful in training you to handle your dog.

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Retriever Training GroundsLabrador Retriever Training Star daily training Labrador Retriever Training Star boarding Labrador Retriever Training Star administered medications if needed daily multivitamins Labrador Retriever Training Star Treats Labrador Retriever Training Star weekly grooming Labrador Retriever Training Star meals and much more
Labrador Retriever Training Star Prescription medications such as antibiotics, rabies vaccines, etc.
Labrador Retriever Training Star Veterinarian visits
Labrador Retriever Training Star We do not provide prescription heartworm preventatives such as "Interceptor"
Labrador Retriever Training Star We do not provide flea and tick control such as "Frontline Plus"
Labrador Retriever Training Star Birds are an additional charge
However, we will administer these medications provided that you supply us with the proper medications to do so. We will not be held responsible for consequences resulting from inadequate supplies of these medications.

Labrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training Star THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO BRING Labrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training Star

Labrador Retriever Training Star Your dog MUST be in good health and we will need copies of all current shot records with all standard vaccines including Rabies, Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvovirus, Leptospira Bacterin. , Bordetella (AKA Kennel Cough) and any other documentation that you deem necessary for the care of your dog.

Labrador Retriever Training Star You will need to provide any medications needed for caring for your dog such as Heartworm Preventative and also Flea & Tick Meds such as Frontline Plus or Advantix......

Labrador Retriever Training Star These are non-mandatory items..... but are encouraged : Chew toys such as raw hides and dog treats are always welcome to help make your dogs stay more comfortable, non destructable beds are welcome as well.

Labrador Retriever Training Star If you would like to keep your dog on his/her current food then you will need to bring a few bags for the stay. Otherwise we will feed Purina Pro Plan Performance. If your dog is not already on Purina ProPlan performance, then it might be a good idea to bring at least one bag of your current food to help to transition him/her over to Purina ProPlan Performance.

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($650.00 A MONTH)

{ For ages 2 to 5 months}

Labrador Retriever Training Star Hunting Dogs : This is the "FUN" stage before your puppy starts a structured training program. During this time your puppy will be introduced to crate training, house breaking, heavily socialized with adults, other dogs and children. We introduce them daily to birds, water, light gunfire, short retrieves, take them for walks in the woods and Petco etc, walk them in and out of different houses and buildings, introduce them to riding in the car or truck, introduce them to their kennel run and much much more. Since a dog learns the majority of his/her manners between the ages of 7 weeks and 1 year of age, it is extremely important that someone (you or us) do the beginning ground work and that is why we offer puppy headstart.
Labrador Retriever Training Star Companion Dogs : This is the "FUN" stage before your puppy starts obedience training. During this time your puppy will be
introduced to crate training, heavily socialized with adults, other dogs and children, we also introduce them to water in case you want to take them to the lake, short retrieves for fun, light gunfire to simulate fireworks and make sure you can attend the July 4th celebration without the tragedy of your dog running off and getting lost. .

We have a highly trained nursery team that specifically specializes in our puppy head start program. So if it's a highly trained gundog or just a loveable house pet that you are looking for, you've come to the right place. We only accept 4 puppies in training at a time to be divided among our 4 trainers. This allows us to give each and every dog the individual attention needed. Our trainers use a loving, reward-based motivational training approach along with our knowledge of what the growing pup is capable of learning at different stages of development to ensure the best possible start for your puppy.

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($650.00 A MONTH)
{We usually start puppies at 5 months but older dogs can also enroll up to 4 years of age}

Labrador Retriever Training Star Companion or Hunting Dogs Labrador Retriever Training Star
(This usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks depending on the dogs Attitude, Ability & Temperament )
(We take dogs from 5 months of age up to 4 years of age for this program)
During this time your dog will work towards learning the basic obedient commands while we will also try to work out any problems that the dog may have such as jumping up on you, not listening to commands, chewing, unwanted marking and much, much more.

Companion/Hunting Dog - Model Citizen Program
Labrador Retriever Training Star
Formal Obedience (on Lead)
Labrador Retriever Training Star
"Kennel" Command (In Crate - Kennel Run & Automobile Kennel)
Labrador Retriever Training Star
"Sit" means sit, stay is not taught because when a handler says sit, he means exactly that until the dog is either released or commanded otherwise.
Labrador Retriever Training Star Recall / The "Here" command is one of the most important commands used by a owner/handler. Not only can this command teach your dog to be obedient during times of need but can also remove your dog from potentially harmful/dangerous situations such as snake avoidance, heavy traffic, hazards or simply bad judgment on the dogs part.
A dog without good recall is just an animal running wild and unacceptable. You wouldn't let a child do these sort of things so why would you let your dog. We teach the "Here" command with both verbal and also with 3 tweets on the whistle for hunt test and field trial competition dogs.
Labrador Retriever Training Star Heel Command (both left and right sided heel are taught for competition & companions) A dog walking in the "heel" position teaches the dog to stay at bay, directly by your side and not run ahead or away. This is a luxury not only with hunting/competition dogs but also running with your companion or simply walking inn the park.
Labrador Retriever Training Star "No" means No! command - Plain and Simple

Labrador Retriever Training Star
Advanced Obedience Training - Transition to Steady (Performed Off Lead)
ese programs should produce a model citizen that you can take around your
friends and be proud of.

Hunting Dog Formal Obedience
On Lead
Labrador Retriever Training Star Kennel Command (Crate - Kennel & Automobile Kennel)
Labrador Retriever Training Star Sit - Whistle Sit - Here - 2 sided heel (Sit means sit, stay is not taught because when a handler says sit, he means exactly that until the dog is either released or commanded otherwise.
Labrador Retriever Training Star Remote Sit - Remote Sit with Whistle
Labrador Retriever Training Star Collar Conditioning (Sit - Here - De-bolting & No Jump-Up)
--- Off Lead
Labrador Retriever Training Star Advanced Obedience Training - Transition to Steady
Labrador Retriever Training Star Hand thrown bumpers from side w/short lead for steadying
Labrador Retriever Training Star Encouraged Hand deliveries to Heel

Retriever Training Bar

($650.00 A MONTH + BIRDS)
Programs Can Start Immediately Following Our Formal Obedience Program.
It Has 4 (Four) Different Levels of Training That Can Be Accomplished, Depending on how Advanced You Would Like Your Dog To Become. (See Details Below )

#1 Labrador Retriever Training Star RETRIEVER TRAINING FOR HUNTING & SPORTING DOGS Labrador Retriever Training Star
( Also Referred to as a "Started Dog" / "Junior Level Dog" )

Hunt Test Picture(Starts After Basic Obedience) Usually takes 6 to 8 weeks depending on the dogs Attitude, Drive, Ability & Temperament)
Complete introduction to birds including Ducks, Pheasant, Quail & Doves.
Training includes :
Labrador Retriever Training Star
Force Fetch Complete
Labrador Retriever Training Star
Introduction to guns and gunner stations
Labrador Retriever Training Star
Simple Marked Retrieves (50-100 yards, light cover) (Land & Water)
Labrador Retriever Training Star
Introduced to “Watch” & “Mark” Cues
Labrador Retriever Training Star All Retrieves Encourage Hand Deliveries to Heel with Hold
Labrador Retriever Training Star
Easy widespread hand thrown simple doubles
Labrador Retriever Training Star Introduction to boats, duck blinds, decoys and calls ( land and water )

This is the first stage in gundog training and produces a dog that is obedient, will retrieve through diverse terrain (heavy brush, cattails etc.). Dogs completing this program should be capable of successfully competing in Junior Hunt Tests and upon request, we can enter and handle your dog in a Licensed AKC hunt test for an additional charge and if the owner wishes to pursue more advanced training, the foundations are already in place to move to the next level.

#2 Labrador Retriever Training Star FORMAL RETRIEVER TRAINING (CASTING & MARKING) Star Picture
(Usually takes 6 to 8 weeks depending on the dogs Attitude, Drive, Ability & Temperament )

Labrador Retriever Training Star Solid steadiness to Heel & Sit command
Labrador Retriever Training Star 3 Handed Cast - Mini T - Force to Pile - Sit to Pile - Come in from Pile
Labrador Retriever Training Star Multiple Marking Drill (Bird in Mouth with Singles off Multiple Guns)

Labrador Retriever Training Star More Complex Multiple Marks on Land and Water
Labrador Retriever Training Star Introduction to Retired - Hidden Guns

Hunt Test and Field Trial Pictures( Usually takes 8 to 12 weeks depending on the dogs Ability, Drive, Attitude & Temperament )

Double T (Advanced Disciplined 3 Handed Casting)
Clock Drill - Pattern Blinds & then Cold Blinds
Introduction to “Dead Bird” Cue and Release on Back Command from side
Over the brush Pile Drill
Confidence Building Long Blind Drills Sent from side
Mark’s own, specially designed “TRUST is a MUST” Casting Drills (these are multiple
short 75yrd Blinds with many successful casts that ensure high success rates. Designed to
strengthen the retrievers faith in the handler and simplify the blind retrieve)
Labrador Retriever Training Star Double Marked Retrieves
Labrador Retriever Training Star Swim By
Labrador Retriever Training Star Water Force - Water Marking - Single T Water Transition with Stopping
Labrador Retriever Training Star Cheating Singles - Channel Blinds
Labrador Retriever Training Star Walk-up Drills - Walkout Blinds
Labrador Retriever Training Star Diversion Birds
Labrador Retriever Training Star Strong Steadying Drills with honors
Labrador Retriever Training Star Introduction to Advanced/Complex Multiple Marks 

#4 Labrador Retriever Training Star MASTER LEVEL Labrador Retriever Training Star ADVANCED RETRIEVER TRAINING Star Picture
( Usually takes 12 weeks but is an ongoing process depending on the dogs Ability, Drive, Attitude & Temperament )
Labrador Retriever Training Star Triple Marked Retrieves with Complex Retired Guns
Labrador Retriever Training Star Complex Long Memory Marks with Factors
Labrador Retriever Training Star 9-legged Lining Drill
Labrador Retriever Training Star Advanced Steadying Drills with honors & Diversion Birds
Labrador Retriever Training Star Introduction to Poison Bird Blinds

Retriever Training Bar

Labrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training Star For Your Reference Labrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training StarLabrador Retriever Training Star
Trainer / Handler Terminology and Commands

Star Picture "Marking" retrieves in which the dog sees the bird fall and spots where the bird fell.
Star Picture"Casting" are hand signals given by the handler or trainer to command or direct the retriever in the direction of the bird. (This is mainly done when the dog does not see the fall or doesn't remember it).
Star Picture
"Blind" a retrieve that simulates a hunting situation in which the dog does not see the bird fall and must be Handled/Cast towards the bird to get the retriever to pick up the scent.

Star Picture "Remote Sit" teaches the dog to sit on command by using a single peep from a whistle while dog in the field or a remote area. The dog is expected to sit and watch for new direction.
Star Picture "Force Fetch"
a process which firmly teaches the Fetch command.
Star Picture "Collar Conditioning"
a process which teaches the dog how to avoid correction or scolding.
Star Picture "Double T" a drill that teaches casting from left to right, to go backwards and towards you.
Star Picture "Back" command used to send the dog directly backwards or further back into the field.
Star Picture "Here" command that tells the dog to come to you.
Star Picture "Over" command given by way of hand signals/aka Casting to direct the dog from left or right.
Star Picture "Single, Doubles, Triples"
a single, double, triple Marking, Retrieve.
Star Picture "Force to pile" a drill that teaches the Back command
. forces them back....
Star Picture "Poison Birds" birds that are downed but the retriever is not allowed to pick up.
Star Picture "Diversion Birds" birds thrown to try to distract divert the retriever from the given retrieve.

Star Picture "Factors" anything that can distract your dog from the path of the retrieve. (wind, obstacles, people, cattle, trees, brush, creeks, etc.
Star Picture "
Retired Gun" when the bird thrower hides so that the retriever doesn't use them for marking.

NOTE : Birds (mainly ducks or pheasants) are shot at least once a week for the hunting retrievers. We use birds for all of our marked retrieves and not bumpers.


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